Monday, September 9, 2013

A day in the life...

2 month mark! :)
Kamusta pamilya at kaibigan?! Love and miss your faces. So random Filipino fact, they LOVE karaoke! So much they turn it up so you can hear them 2 blocks away. The unfortunate news is, they aren't all that great. But whatever makes you happy, right? The weather this week was just like good old Utah! On Tuesday it was hotter than Hades, summertime weather in the Pines. Then Wednesday it was what we call "cold" in the Philippines, winter weather, like 65 degrees. Also, the fame continues as I have been asked to take pictures with random people all week and told that I look like Barbie, Taylor Swift, and "some artist." The girls here are all amazed with my sock buns. They all want me to teach them how to do it. Maybe I could teach them how and relate it to the gospel and everyone would get baptized! Haha :) 

So the roller coaster was pretty much underground this week unfortunately. But just know that Heavenly Father knows us and is always watching out for us. On my deepest, darkest day this week I was sitting on the Jeepney (these really cool buses we take everywhere) and this adorable little boy kept waving at me. Then he got up and came over and gave me a kiss right on the cheek! I got my first kiss in quite some time on my mission, not many people can say that haha :) Then he climbed up on the seat next to me and held my hand until he got off. His name was James, he was 4, and he was my blessing that day. 

As far as investigators, we have 5. 4 of those 5 are under the age of 14... But they will be completed families which is one of our goals here in San Pablo Mission. One of those investigators is Kyle. He's 10 and I think I told you about him last week. He is just so adorable! And he was a blessing too because when we taught him the other day, he said the closing prayer and he prayed for me, for me to have strength. And I was so thankful because I really needed it. 

Since not much happened this week, I thought I would tell you all what I do everyday. So here is a day in the life of Sister Brown:
  • Wake up, usually sweating, at 6:00 am to the rosary being broadcast throughout the city
  • "Work out" at 6:30 (I usually lay on the ground to do some sit-ups and that's as far as I get)
  • Shower in some ice cold water which feels wonderful because it's already like 90 degrees
  • Eat breakfast, usually oatmeal or something involving Spam haha :)
  • Personal study for an hour, Companionship study for 2 hours, and then Minion, I mean language, study for an hour
  • Lunch always consists of rice. Always.
  • We head out through the streets where I am constantly tempted to pet all of the kittens and puppies running through the streets, but that is bawal
  • We're usually followed by a parade of small children who I am also not allowed to touch.
  • We take a Tricycle, a little cart attached to a motorcycle, or a Jeepney wherever we're going, sometimes involving driving through the jungle
  • We teach the nicest people in houses that are maybe 3 rooms. And by 3 rooms I mean their whole house is as big as my bedroom at home
  • They always offer us soda and crackers
  • We head home at 8:00, curfew for sisters
  • Plan for an hour
  • Eat dinner and write in journals and talk about all the times we got punted that day or all the successes we had and just enjoy life
  • Bedtime at 10:30! My alarm clock usually informs me it is 90 degrees in our room when I go to sleep. 
And then we do it all over again! Except Mondays are P-days, Wednesdays are District Meetings, and Sundays we have church. It's a pretty crazy adjustment, but I'm getting used to it and even starting to love it. Sorry this letter isn't really super inspirational, next week! I did read a really good scripture, Mosiah 5:12. It talks about how Christ's name should be written on our hearts. I have his name literally over my heart but I want it to be there forever, even after my 18 months are up. 

Have a fun and safe week my darlings! I love you and appreciate your emails and letters and all you have ever done for me to make me who I am! Never forget that you are loved.

Mahal kita! 

XOXO, Sister Brown

(Note:  So it ends up Shalee DID create a different account which I now can access so here are a bunch of pictures from the last couple weeks.  She doesn't send me any captions so bare with me as I guess what the pictures are?? hehe)

Going to guess that this is the blood soup she tried??
More tasty treats!
Yay for Dairy Queen...she's gonna survive!
New District

Cute family...
How sweet are they?

Sis. Smart and Sis. Brown out on the town
Sis. Banzali  and Sis. Calla
No clue what this is all about...maybe she is admiring his motorcycle...or scared to venture into the jungle?
More ice cream....yummy!

Beautiful flowers!!

Cute kitties everywhere

So What??? hehe


Family after Shalee was set apart...

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  1. In the picture with the food the pink stuff in the bowl is called bagoong. According to Bam its made of small fermented shrimp or fish and it stinks. But he says it taste good with rice or as a dip with mango because it is so salty.

    The other fish bam says looks like they cooked it in a soup and he says he doesn't eat it. He use to tell his Mom he was allergic to it so he wouldn't have to eat it