Monday, September 23, 2013


(Sad note: she forgot her card reader this time so no new pictures...she said it was ashame because she had some really good ones! :(  So maybe next week??)

Kamusta po pamilya? I'm great, I've just been wading through the rivers of Bagyo Odette (typhoon). Okay, they really are more like puddles. But it's been raining all week and it's a chilly 75 degrees here. Everyone pull out your winter coats! But really, they're pulling out their winter coats. Mystery of the week, if you pour a bucket of water down the toilet in America will it overflow? Cause that's what we do here and it works, so someone try it and let me know! We're dying to know if it works. Happenings here in the Pines, one of our investigator's sons asked  me if I was "buntis." That means pregnant. So I guess I really should lay off the donuts haha :) On a happier note, I GOT MY FIRST OYM!!! That stands for Open Your Mouth. We are supposed to share a short message and ask if we can come teach them sometime or invite them to church and we're supposed to do it 10 times a day as a companionship. Well we usually get like 2 a day because I couldn't do it on my own and Sister Calla is really quiet.  But I practiced and practiced and I finally just did it and we got 10 OYM's! Mission accomplished! Am I done now?

I also had my first zone conference this week. That's where 3 zones get together and President and the AP's share some things with us and all the departing missionaries bear their testimonies. It's weird to think that this is going to end, that people actually go home and missions don't really last forever. I met Sister Carmichael who is from Roy and is leaving on Wednesday. I'm jealous that she gets to see good old Roy and all the fabulous people there! Hearing the testimonies of those missionaries was comforting. Not one of them stood up and said their missions were the most fun thing they'd ever done, few even said that they'd loved it. But they all said that they hadn't had a testimony before and they didn't understand the atonement and now they did. And I just want that. I NEED to understand the atonement. And if that's all I get out of this mission (which I'm pretty sure it won't be) that would be enough. That would be worth it. I got to talk to Elder Milligan and Sister Smith at zone con too and that was of course super comforting. I miss them and having their advice and Sister Smith's hugs right there all the time.

Favorite investigator moment of the week, we went to teach Nanay Vallesa, one of our less active members. She is  68 and she has  5 grandkids she cares for because her daughter isn't able to right now. Usually the kids are pretty crazy and it's kind of frustrating to teach with them touching all your things and asking you a million questions and yelling and throwing kittens that you can't touch at you. But  this week we decided to sing with them. We started with "I Am a Child of God" and it was amazing. As we sat there singing, these crazy little kids were all calm and I was reminded that we really are all children of God and that those kids are probably the closest any of us will get to God. We are always admonished to "become as a little child." I know I could work on that.

This is probably the shortest letter I've ever written but I need to respond to a lot of people so thanks again for all of your prayers and support. I feel them everyday. Keep on doing what you're doing and have a grand week!

XOXO, Sister Brown

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