Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Lipat na ako!‏

Sister Meti...going to miss her!
MALIGAYANG PASKO!!! Even if it does feel more like the 4th of July here. It sure was good to see your cute faces pamilya! Keep working on those luscious locks Jaden ;) So it happened. I am transferred. I now know the way to San Jose because I live there. And my companion is none other than Sister Banzali, my old housemate in Canlubang! She is Filipina and we live with 2 other Americans, Sister Seastrand and Sister Ricketts, who have been out for 3 months or less. Saying good-bye to Canlubang was rough and saying good-bye to the Canlubang sisters was even more rough. Our last night there we went to Joel and Ariane's to say good-bye and cute little Clouie just looked up with tears running down his cheeks because Sister Smart and I were leaving. It was kinda adorable but it was also heart-breaking and then I was crying and then Sister Smart was crying and then Ariane was crying and Joel went inside so I'm pretty sure he was crying too ;) We were all crying and then we went home and had a little Christmas party with muffins and cookies and presents and final testimonies. I can't even tell you how much those sisters did for me and how much I miss them but I am so, so grateful for all the good times we had together in the 'Bang. 

Now for the new area, San Jose. It is the "Egg Basket of the Philippines," which means it is the pinakabahong lugar in the Philippines. It smells lovely. And our next door neighbor is a pig slaughterer and he likes to do it in his front yard. So that's cool. However, it is also the coldest area in my mission so I'll take the smell of chickens and rotten eggs any day. AND we live in the nicest house. It's huge. But it also has no water pressure, so bucket showers and no flush toilets for me! Yay! And remember that one time I saw a pig in a tricycle in the 'Bang? That's totally normal here. Tricy's, Jeepney's, walking down the road. I also saw a man walking his cow. Welcome to the Philippines.

San Jose is right next to the biggest city in the mission, but it is not a city. It's kind of a town. But there are areas where we literally trek through the jungle to hidden houses with no electricity too. It's so beautiful here! I can see stars and mga alitaptap (fireflies)! And there are also about 400 billion foot-sized spiders floating in the sky. It's actually pretty cool. I just hope there's never a wind storm cause I don't want them on my face.

We just have a branch here, no ward. They just barely got a chapel like last month. The branch is super fun! My first few days here we went to branch FHE/welcome party for a returning missionary and we all drew on each other's faces with lipstick. Most of our ward is between 18 and 30, so they sometimes are a little... immature? But I love them and they are great at giving referrals! I am so excited to work with them!

And lastly, we had a baptism on Saturday! I never got to teach him. I actually met him at his baptism. His name is Michael and he's 19. He is seriously amazing. He overcame smoking and drinking and is totally converted to the gospel. He's really shy and so after his baptism he went up to bear his testimony and he looked like he was gonna pass out he was so nervous and he couldn't speak. But he kind of bowed his head and closed his eyes for a second and then he bore the most powerful testimony with so much confidence. We have taught him a couple of times since then and I just love him! He reminds me so much of Joel and Ariane.

Transfers are hard. But transfers are good. I am so excited to be here in San Jose and to start this new part of the adventure! Have a great Christmas, eat lots of good food, spend time with those you love, and most importantly, remember what it's really about. Christmas doesn't stop with the baby in the manger. Keep Christ in your heart all year round.
XOXO, Sister Brown

Hannah always ran up to me and gave me a hug and told me she loved me! She is one of my favorites! 
Napolitano Family
RICE anyone?????
Lechon Baboy
Ward Christmas party
Nanay Pataueg <3

Saying goodbye is hard to do! :(

Pres. Peterson at Zone Conference
Our New House in San Jose
Dinning room
Our living room
Our very pink room!
Our own bathroom (bucket showers)
Our awesome kitchen
First Baptism in San Jose - Michael
Branch FHE (Family Home Evening)

Beautiful San Jose

That this is HUGE!

Spiders...All those black dots are face sized spiders! YUCK!!!! 
Cute new housemate (had to end w/ something cute those spiders are freaky!)

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