Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm having a baby!‏

I love how they all match Elder Neilson!

Kamusta? This week I found out I'm having an anak! Which is what we call our trainees in the mission. So yeah, I'm training. And yeah, I'm terrified. I know that it is going to be a challenge seeing as we have hardly any investigators right now and I still don't really speak Minion. But I also know it is going to be an awesome opportunity to grow and to learn and I'm thankful for the opportunity and for the trust Heavenly Father is placing in me. I am going to need His help. Pero kaya ko iyan! It'll be really fun if I get an American because then our house will be white washed!

So this morning I woke up at 4am to the alarm clock of San Jose, a screaming pig being slaughtered next door. Earlier this week, I lost a game of Cuchara, Tinidor and had to sing a solo of Joy to the World at FHE. And then I rode home in a Jeepney next to some chickens and a bucket of live fish. This week we also got a call at 6:30am from a random Elder who invited us to a funeral in his living room. We went. I am so happy I am in the Philippines, where else would I get to experience things like this?? Haha :)  

This week was Mae Ann's baptism. It was such a great experience! Her whole family came and the spirit was so strong. The 6 young women sang "I Am His Daughter" and as they sang I couldn't help but feel Heavenly Father's love for them and I knew that they were truly each one of His daughters. Then Mae Ann bore her testimony and brought everyone, her parents included, to tears. Mae Ann is an amazing young woman and even though she's still young, she is going to be such a strength to the San Jose Branch. 

Speaking of the San Jose Branch, their new chapel was dedicated on Sunday by the Area President, Elder Neilson. That was another amazing experience! These saints have been waiting 15 years for a chapel and now they've got one. Watching President Scooby-Doo while Elder Neilson spoke was awesome. He's been the branch president for 15 years. He's watched his little branch grow. And it was even better because Elder Neilson told us all that that chapel was built with the intent that it would one day be the stake center of the San Jose Stake. The feeling that I got when he said that was one of absolute peace and I know that one day the little San Jose Branch is going to be the San Jose Stake. 

I continue to love this place and this work, despite the struggles. I need to say some thank you's to all of you who for your support and love and prayers. Thank you Jilien, Dad and Zee, Carmen and Daniel Skidmore, Westlake Primary and Activities Days Girls, Grandma Pat, and Aunt Kim for the packages! I got them all and I loved every one. Salamat din Sione, George, The Brown Family, Sister Stark, The Wahlstrom Fam, Kylee, and Grandpa Brown for the letters. Letters seriously make my day and I am so thankful for the support that I have at home! I am a very blessed missionary. I love you all and hope you all have the best week! And hopefully an opportunity to share the gospel ;)

XOXO, Sister Brown

Mae Ann's baptism :)

Spider close-up :(

As close as she dared get to take a comparison picture...

P-day hike to Mt. Maculot

Sis Brown and Sis Banzali

Taal is out in that lake.  It's the world's smallest volcano.

Mt. Maculot

Everyone needs a cool name tag pic!


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