Monday, January 27, 2014

The Ice Age‏

Welcome to San Jose

KAMUSTA PAMILYA AT MGA KAIBIGAN?!?! This week wasn't too exciting, but it was cold. You could see your breath in the mornings! I thought I was back in Utah for a second, but then I heard the karaoke and saw a giant spider in the palm tree. But really, it's soooo cold! I finally gave in and heated up some water for my bucket shower. Also, because it's been so cold Sister Banzali got a cold and lost her voice so I am now learning a 3rd language, sign language. Needless to say, it was a pretty funny week! 

We don't really have any investigators at the moment, so we went tracting. And found a giant egg. And Elmer. He is almost fluent in English and he was very interested! We're pretty sure it's not the message he's interested in though because he managed to work in the fact that he was single every few minutes... haha :) The stares I get are pretty funny, I almost caused an accident this week because these guys weren't watching the road, just the Americana. Sister Banzali thinks it's hilarious. Hopefully this week will be more productive in the teaching area!

We also had a service project this week at a less active member's house. She is the cutest thing on the planet! Her name is Nanay Patron and she is 79. She was baptized in California and is probably the most faithful woman I have ever met. She can't come to church because her husband had a stroke not too long ago and he can't be left alone for more than an hour and they don't have any other family around. She told us every Sunday she just reads her scriptures and sings Hymns from her Hymn book. She better go straight to the Celestial Kingdom with Nanay Pataueg! 

And finally, remember the vision of San Jose becoming a stake? Well, this month the branch will be becoming a ward!!! YAY! And within the next few years, it will become the Batangas Stake Center. The church is awesome. And true. 

Mahal na mahal kita! 

XOXO, Sister Brown

Elder Abad, our Astig DL
Who knew pineapples grew like this? And who knew I would have a pineapple bush in my backyard one day?
(Ahhh more spider pics!)  What Sis. Banzali calls "just a normal housespider"!
For comparison I put my head next to it (This from my daughter who wouldn't go downstairs to her room if there was a spider on the wall!)
Then I decided to hold one (where is my daughter and what have you done with her? hehe) 
Our Branch Mission Leader, Shem and Bro. Noli Scooby Doo
My companion with a Filipino lawn mower...
Getting us some guavas, best Branch Mission Leader ever!!
These are not American sized hammocks
My new friend, Jared
The Smith's our awesome couple missionaries here in Lipa 
Service at Nanay Patron's
Our beautiful little chapel

(The kind of pictures moms don't like to see...luckily she says she has another foot cover!)

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