Monday, April 7, 2014

What the Halfway?!‏

Wow 9 months!!
Hola amigos! Thought I'd switch it up a little this week. ;) But really, how are you? First item of business, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRONSON AND ZACH! Hope you have an awesome day and eat lots of cake for me. 

So this week I officially hit the 9 month mark in the mission. So if you are still reading these letters and maybe even send one back every now and then, you have passed the test of true friendship! Or you are my mom. But really, thank you for your love and support. It's nice to know people still know your name. 

It was an okay kind of week. We don't really have a lot of progressing investigators right now so we're just trying to find some people. We do have this family, family Legaspi. I love them with all my heart. Their 13 year old, Roniel, is my favorite! That kid is hilarious. The problem is they are super, super busy at work so Roniel is the only one who comes to church and reads the Book of Mormon. But last night, Brother Legaspi read! WOOHOO!!! And our 71 year old investigator (all of the people in Tayabas are pretty ancient) came to church! Miracles really do happen. 

At church last week we learned all about family history. Since the church is the same all over the world, I'm gonna assume you learned about it as well. If you're not a member, I'd love to share. First of all, watch this video. It's pretty catchy. 

Alright now that your life has been changed by that, let me tell ya about I know you all have a Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, Tumblr, and Pinterest account. So hey, why not add one more! It's like Facebook, but for the dead. Only it's cooler than Facebook because people get salvation out of it, not just another life on Candy Crush. You can learn all about your ancestors, all the way back to Adam and Eve! You can upload pictures and write memories and it's just SO COOL! I just wanna do it right now but I have to wait for another 9 months. So family, get started. Just check it out. I promise it's awesome.

Well, I can't even tell you how excited I am for General Conference! It's weird to think a year ago I was sitting in the Conference Center with my bestest friends listening to President Monson in real life.

Love you all, have a great week, and go find your cousins!

XOXO, Sister Brown

My cute companion
Sister Jennylyn
Typical laundry day in the Pinas
The District

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