Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Mayohan!‏

We ate waffles! And I can no longer eat with a fork...
Hellooooo my fabulous friends and family! This week I finally experienced a Filipino festival! It's the Mayohan here in Tayabas which is where they celebrate the Catholic saints by having random parades where people wear the products native to Tayabas, pregnant lady talent shows, and a hagisan, meaning a stampede of men runs down the street and people throw money and sticky rice and sardines from their windows. I will probably never experience anything like that again. It was awesome! 

I also have developed a new super power; every time a see a baby it immediately bursts into tears. Sister Lisaca's explanation when I asked her why was this, "It's because you're like a monster, or an alien... But not an ugly alien. A beautiful, amazing alien." Haha I love my companion :D But really, all the kids are scared of me.

This week we had a specialized training meeting with President Peterson. Lots of good things about that. One being I got mail from my favorite little family in The 'Bang! They are doing good. They moved into a new house and Joel has a calling in Young Men's. Clouie invited me to his baptism when he turns 8 in December and it's the week I get released. So it could totally happen! I also got a letter from the amazing Brown family so thank you! And President Peterson gave us Tayabas sisters special permission to come listen to the General authority in San Pablo!!! Woo hoo!!

But of course the best part of the training meeting was President Peterson's workshop. I love that man. He is absolutely amazing. The mission is really focusing on reaching our potential as a mission right now and so I've been thinking a lot about what my individual potential was. And ya know what conclusion I came to? I don't think people realize just how much potential they really have. I mean, do you realize that YOU are a child of God? And that you have the potential to BECOME like Him? Do you realize that because of that, NOTHING is impossible for you? So this week, go do something crazy. Reach your potential.

XOXO, Sister Brown

Laundry Filipino style
Hannah got baptized last week

Tayabas sisters

Service at the Sales'

There were so many lizards in our house this week!

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  1. Shalee is so positive and I love reading her letters! And she has wonderful pictures she will love forever!