Monday, May 5, 2014

Waterless in Tayabas‏

Sister Kerr :)
Hello my friends! Kamusta po kayo lahat? (Do you know what that means by now?) First of all, thank you grandpa Brown for the birthday card! You are now the most loyal letter writer ;) And dad and Zee for the package! We are so excited to color Easter eggs and make more cake! 

So this week was pretty interesting. The temperature here in the Pines changes with the month and let me tell ya what May brings; HEAT. Not just any heat, like heat that makes it impossible to think or speak or move. Heat that puts everyone in the Philippines to sleep immediately. It's seriously like Tayabas is in hibernation.

But that wasn't the interesting part of the week. The interesting part was that we had no running water except for for about 15 minutes when we would wake up. So every morning we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to fill up as many containers as we could before the water stopped. It's awesome. I remember in the MTC, Elder Milligan made the analogy that the MTC was like a Mormon version of survivor. He had no idea what he was talking about. THIS is the Mormon version of survivor. I have developed the ability to shower with half a bucket of water. Who ever would have thought I'd need that skill? 

Also we got to do another zone conference. So if you want Lucena Zone Missionaries to run your youth con, you better schedule now! Joke lang. We can't leave Lucena. But anyways, it was really cool because we went on a half day mission which is where we go around and OYM and teach as many people as we can with the members as our companions. The two 16 year olds that were with me were awesome and it was so cool to see them go from being terrified to speak to teaching lessons on their own. I just love the youth! I can't wait for them all to go on missions :) 

I got an American companion for the first time this week too! I went on exchanges for a day with Sister Cowley and it was an eye opening experience for me. Because she let me lead a lot of the lessons and although I didn't know the investigators in their area, I could do it. And I felt confident about it. As I thought back on who I was before my mission, I realized how much Heavenly Father has and is helping me everyday to do crazy and impossible things. Wow, missions are amazing.

And the last experience of the week, I am now learning another language. We were referred to a less active member in our area who wants to come back to church. His name is Johnry and he is deaf. He is so great! I was sent back to my first week in the Philippines as I struggled to communicate anything at all to him. We had an interpreter but it was still frustrating because I want to help him, but I literally cannot. But as the lesson went on, he started to open up to us and I just love him. I am so excited to work with him more! 

Well, have a great week and be thankful for your air conditioned homes and running water. But also be sad that you aren't having all of the adventures that I get to have ;) Love you all!

XOXO, Sister Brown

10 months!!!!
We were desperate

Really desperate!

Only in the Philippines....

Half day mission and my companions

Half day mission in Lucban

Halo halo

Enya.  She is from Denmark!

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