Sunday, December 14, 2014

Just Smile it off :)‏

Kamusta po kayo lahat? So first of all, I'm still alive. No worries. Just freezing. I am literally shivering while I type. On Thursday we were informed there was a Category 4 Super Typhoon the size of Typhoon Yolanda heading straight for Batangas. That's where I live. So we went out and bought enough food to last a week and filled every available container with clean water and then we waited. And waited. And waited. Until this morning. Ruby took so long to get here that she is now down to Category 1, which means it's raining and there's a nice breeze. We are actually a little disappointed, we were ready for an adventure! But I know that it was stronger in other parts of the Philippines and they could definitely use your prayers. I am thankful that all of the people here didn't have to experience the crazy stuff that happens in typhoons. 

Typhoon Ruby wasn't the only disappointment this week. At the beginning of the week, we had 6 people who were going to be baptized in the next couple of weeks. Somehow, we are now left with none. Thursday was a particularly rough day. Member after member bailed on us and we got later and later for our appointment and then our dear Bishop topped it off by calling us over and letting us have it about how we don't support the ward or the members because we didn't go to their activity (Because we were doing missionary work) and how he likes Filipina sisters better. Trials are plentiful here in San Jose. Luckily, I read a great talk by Elder Neil L. Anderson all about Trials of Faith at the beginning of this week. No matter what happens, it's nothing we can't handle. Alma and Moroni and Nephi went through way more than I ever will and they never lost hope. There are so many things to be happy about! Why allow ourselves to be disappointed? You just gotta smile it off.

Thus, I am thankful for the little miracles and blessings of each day. Like the little kids here and how everyone is always smiling, even in a typhoon. I love the Philippines. I love being a missionary. I love all of you and am so thankful for all of your support and love. 

XOXO, Sister Brown

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