Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hola my dearest friends and family! So this week was a week full of surprises. Like the letters from Kelsey and Kylee Hurd and the packages from the Activity Day Girls and mom. Thanks, it was much appreciated. Or like Ruby. The typhoon did actually show up late Monday night so we couldn't go out. It was loud enough to keep me awake but not strong enough to rip anything but leaves off the trees. It's been really cool to hear all of the people here telling me how they know the storm weakening was an answer to thousands of prayer. I know that that is true. 

This week we also sent one of our amazing YSA to all of you in Utah. Elder Gonzales is heading to the Provo MTC and will be serving in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission. They are lucky ducks! It was an interesting experience to talk to him about how he was feeling and to realize that the roller coaster of mission emotions starts and ends pretty much the same. I'm excited for him and a little bit jealous he's just starting out.

What I really wanna talk about though is Christmas. And presents. Who doesn't like presents? So listen up. This week I've started to use a new question in my OYMs. It goes like this: "Christmas is to celebrate Jesus' birthday right?" "Right." "So what are you going to give Jesus' for his birthday?" And then they get a little embarrassed and giggle a little bit because they haven't really thought about it. But you think about it. How would you feel if it was YOUR birthday and every one brought presents for everyone else at the party, but no one brought anything for YOU? Remember that the Savior has given us the greatest gift that anyone could ever give with his atoning sacrifice, a way to find peace in a troubled world, and a way to return to our Heavenly home and live as families for all eternity. He is the Gift. 

Since this Christmas I'll be on the other side of the world and it would be kind of hard for you to get me something for Christmas, this is what I want instead.

1. Watch this video.

2. Print this.

3. Send me a pic of you and your gift :) 

This is also a test to see if you actually read these emails. I love ya all and am so grateful for all of your prayers and support! The best po kayo talaga! 

XOXO, Sister Brown

Elder Gonzales

Pinoy Sunsets

Labid Family
Sister Rita Catarining

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