Monday, June 9, 2014

Stressed to the Limit

Sister Wilkes
Kamusta na kayo peeps? So first things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KADEN AND GRANDMA PAT!!! Kaden, you're a stud. You look just like Joseph Smith in the Restoration video we show everyone. Grandma, you're the best grandma in the whole wide world! Hope you both have the best day ever! 

Also thanks mom for the giant package! It got here just in time for transfer day and it's a good thing you sent those plastic containers for the cereal because this email is live from Santa Cruz, Land of the Ants! 

Yep. I have been transferred yet again. My companion was also transferred and our area was closed. So far I am 3 for 3 on closed areas. Go me. The exciting part is that Sister Lisaca is reopening San Jose 1a, my favorite area of all time! I am so excited for her! And you might be wondering about me, what am I doing? 

Well, President has extended a call to me to be an STL, which stands for "Stressed to the Limit." Joke lang, it means Sister Training Leader which is the sister's equivalent to a Zone Leader. It means I get to go on exchanges with all of the sisters in the 2 zones closest to us and I get to help them improve. Little do they know, I actually have no idea what I'm doing! Also my companion is Sister Wilkes. She is American. After being with Filipinas 24/7 for almost a year, you could say it has been a challenge. She's super magaling though. It will be an interesting transfer. Stay tuned.

Have a fabulous week and do something crazy!

XOXO, Sister Brown
Sis Mahoni housemate
New house in Sta. Cruz

Bishop Ambas
Gandia fam


Michael and Loisa

Newly called STL's need ice cream!

District lunch at Rodillas


Abby and Elvin

Bro. Jaunito, RC


Sis Feli and Sis Alcoreza

Sis Kerr and Sis Brown - 11 months!

Sis Rea and Apo

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