Monday, June 30, 2014

The Day Of Fathers. And Taylor Swift in Sta. Cruz...‏

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of you wonderful fathers out there, especially my own! Thank you for all that you have done for me and the things that you have taught me, especially about persevering and for your confidence that I can do hard things. Hope you have the best day ever and I love you tons! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet mom! Wish I could be there to celebrate but I'm out doing bigger and better things ;) 
 So first of all, thank you Kylee Hurd for your letter! I'll work on writing back mamaya. Also I didn't really get to tell you much about my area last week. Sta. Cruz is awesome! It's pretty much like trekking through the jungle everyday. Also the ward is amazing! Bishop is like the most on-the-ball Bishop ever and the members are super good at working with us. Especially Sister Morales. I call her Mamu because she insists she is my Lola haha :) She works with us almost every single day and we call her the 3rd STL because she is so magaling! 
 My housemates are all foreigners and I love them! Especially Sister Mahoni. She's Tongan and she only refers to me as Taylor Swift because she swears we look alike. Sometimes she calls "Taylor Swift!" from the tricycle so now all the tricy drivers know me as T-Swift as well. I'll take it. 
This week was our very last Zone Conference with President and Sister Peterson. It's safe to say every one of us missionaries just bawled like babies. Especially the Elders. It was such a good meeting! It started out with 8 Polynesians singing acapella so I knew it was gonna be good. Then President Peterson and Sister Peterson had a Q&A where we could ask them absolutely anything we wanted and President taught us how to know if he's the one haha :) It was really focused on the doctrine of family... Oh no, it's because I only have 6 months left... 

Some of the things I have learned from these 2 amazing people are about the enabling power of the atonement, the divine potential we each have to become like God and that this life is really just a chance to "Become," and from Sister Peterson, it is possible to be beautiful in the Philippines and "Drink more water!" My favorite thing that was said at this last conference was this, "I don't just believe IN Him. I believe Him."- Sister Peterson How true is that? We shouldn't just believe that He's there, we should believe in all of the promises our Savior has given us! Especially the promise of His atonement. Believe that He really can give us the power to overcome anything. I know that my Savior lives and that He is giving me power every day to do impossible things. I love Him and am thankful for the opportunity to serve Him.
 I am going on my first exchanges this week. Pray for me. 
Love you all from the bottom of my toes! 
 XOXO, Sister Brown

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