Thursday, November 20, 2014

Losing it!

Lost my shoe! :(
Kamusta family and dear friends!? First of all, I am officially Filipina. Multiple people this week have asked me the typical, "What is your ethnicity?" question. And I have given them the typical, "America." And then they have continued to ask, "But what part of the Philippines did you grow up in?" YES!!! And in case you were wondering, I usually answer, "Mindanao." 

As you may have noticed, the title of this email is about losing things. Like our investigators and baptismal dates. We have SOO many great investigators that are so ready and willing to accept the gospel. However, they are all facing some seemingly insurmountable obstacles in actually reaching the waters of baptism. I think I've mentioned DonDon and Viana before. They had to save their money to get a CENOMAR which would verify if Viana's first marriage was really valid. (It was just in a house...) They'd been waiting months! And after their great act of faith, they will continue waiting for about another 2 years because apparently that house wedding was the real deal and in the Philippines there is no divorce so you can only be baptized if you have lived together for 5 years or longer and then you still can't be married in the temple. I was on exchanges with Sister Dadivas when we found out. And to end that day off, I got out of the tricycle, looked down at my foot, and realized that I had lost my right shoe! Hey, at least it wasn't the whole leg!

Another thing we lost this week was Sister Waldrom. She's given PSPM all she had and is now on her way back to America. Which is not a notion that I like. Because if she's gone, that means I'm next. And I'm not ready. However, kids say the darndest things. We were teaching the Vilela family (I'll tell ya about them next week, they're great!) and little RJ comes out of the room and says, "Huwag makulit, huwag kayong maingay, darating si Jesucristo!" Meaning everyone behave and be quiet, Jesus Christ is coming. It was pretty hilarious. But at the same time, it got me thinking. What if Jesus was coming? Would I be ready? Would they be ready? Would you be ready? How would I feel if I had to finish this mission right now? RJ is a wise kid.

Can't wait for another great week here in San Jose! Thanks for all of your love and support and prayers!

XOXO, Sister Brown

(No caption but I'm guess this is her I'm afraid to go in there after the incident with the snake look!) :(

Exchanges :)

FHE for Sister Waldrom

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