Sunday, November 2, 2014

Writing the Last Chapter

Pedro, my RC from last year
Goodaye mate! It's been a very cultural week. I thought that when I got an Australian as a companion, we would speak the same language. Turns out Australians have a vocabulary all their own. I'm picking up on it a little bit. I've learned all kinds of words this week. Like capsicum and heaps and rock up. Also, there is no such thing as swear words in Australia... so that's been interesting. Don't worry mom, I haven't picked those ones up. I also got real Filipina at the RS activity and made some nilumpak, which is where you use a giant wooden stick to smash up a bunch of sweet potatoes and coconut in a carved out tree. I love being a missionary. That's all. 

This past week we had zone interviews with President Mangum. And the thought crossed my mind that it was my LAST zone interview with President Mangum. And it must've crossed his mind as well because this is what he said to me: "Well Sister Brown, you're writing the last chapter of your book. And once the book is closed, you can't go back. There are no edits, you can't cross anything out. The only time you can open the book again is when you're telling your kids about all the experiences you had and the people you met and the things that you learned. Everybody reads the first 200 pages for the last chapter. Make sure it's a good one." And then all of the amazing people that I've met and loved and learned from and all of the crazy, funny, and downright awesome experiences I've had in the last 16 months flashed through my mind. And I started to cry. Right there in front of President Mangum. Because I realized in that very moment just how very blessed I have been. And I realized just how much time I have left to keep loving these people and having these experiences. I am determined to write the best last chapter anyone has ever read.

So after all that, I was feeling a little discouraged this week with the numbers we got. I know numbers aren't all that matter, but we were lucky  if we taught more than one lesson a day this week. The difference between here and Sta. Cruz is like night and day. And in the midst of all this discouragement, I remembered how in Sta. Cruz I had a desk full of miracles. And I started to look for my miracles here in San Jose. It's really amazing just how much a changed perspective can literally change everything. Life got a whole lot more sunshiney. We might not have a whole lot of investigators and the ones we have might have a lot of obstacles in their way, but they are so faithful! DonDon and Viana, they pay tithing every week. They aren't members yet. Sister Marie, she wakes up early so she can read a chapter of the Book of Mormon every day before work because she knows it will help her through the day. We have 10 YSA in our tiny little ward who are preparing to serve missions within the next few months. San Jose is full of miracles. You just gotta believe.

So look for miracles in your life this week. I promise there will be a whole lot more sunshine in your life too. Love you all, thanks for being the best friends and family ever! 

XOXO, Sister Brown

San Jose ward

Maria Jean Baluran

Washing clothes in the river

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