Monday, March 24, 2014

Moses: Prophet and the next Michael Phelps‏

These kids all listened in our lesson so we taught them all how to pray
Kamusta na po kayo? What did you do this week? I planted 1,500 eggplants! With my bare hands! And also ate Pancit Hab-Hab. Also with my bare hands. Pancit Hab-Hab is the specialty of Lucena. It's name comes from the noise you make while you eat it out of your hands haha :) Filipinos are so creative. 

We also taught some people this week of course. My favorite lesson was with Felipa. She's like 70. Right in the middle of the lesson she covers her mouth and says, "Sisters! Nahihiya ako, nakalimutan ko ang ngipin ko sa labado!" Which translates to, "I'm embarrassed, I forgot my teeth in the kitchen!" Then later on I asked her if she knew what Moses did to the Red Sea. This was her immediate and very enthusiastic reply: "He went swimming!" Who knew?

I also finished the Book of Mormon again! This time as I read it I focused on "The One," those people who stood alone and made a difference. Some of these people don't even have names. They are simply known as "The servant of Helaman" or "The one Amalekite who was converted," but their acts of courage and faith had the power to influence everything. For example, there's Alma the Elder. He was the only one who heeded the words of Abinadi and because he wasn't afraid to stand alone, thousands were converted. And there's Abish, whose actions also resulted in the salvation of souls. But then there's also the Daughter of Jared. Her actions led to the destruction of an entire civilization. Sometimes I think we underestimate the power of "The One." Sometimes we think that we can't make a difference. But Nephi teaches us, "...By small means the Lord can bring about great things." (1Ne 16:29) Don't underestimate the power you have to influence others. You CAN make a difference. For good, or for evil. That choice is up to you. 

So use your agency and influence the lives of those around you for the better this week. The Lord will make you great.

Love you all more than the universe! 

XOXO, Sister Brown

My favorite Dr. Seuss house 

Brother Oliver's farm

Planting 1,500 eggplants

We rode in this thing

Rodilla's Restaurant

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  1. Shalee looks happy and is in such a beautiful new area!