Monday, March 17, 2014

Surprise Attack‏

Elder Milligan!!
First off, the E on this keyboard doesn't work vry well so sorry if this is missing a few E's. Kamusta po kayo lahat? This week I got a new foot! So bet ya can't beat that. Bishop Sacil is sobrang malakas and well, I'm not. So he helped me switch it out and then I left the old one with them as a remembranc of me. I literally left a part of me in San Jose haha :)

Which brings me to the next story, leaving San Jose. I was sure I was safe. I was in the middl of training and it was already 8:30pm. Then the phone rings. And water may or may not have started running down my cheeks. What do the twins say? My eyes startd sweating haha :) And my heart broke a little bit. I loved my short time in San Jose. I would have served the rest of my mission there gladly. The members in San Jose were probably the kindest, most loving people I've ever met. They will forever be a part of me. I am grateful for all that I learned in San Jose and for the pople I met there. I can't even express it really, so let's just leave it at that.

I am now in Tayabas, Lucena. It's the biggest city I've been in so far but it's still not really a city. It's kind of like Roy. All of the houses here are so colorful and they're kind of crazy shapes. It's like walking around in a Dr. Suess book. There are hundreds of little kids here. And hundreds of old people. All of our investigators are like 70+. We also have a pet rat that runs around in the ceiling at night. But I'm pretty sure it's not just a rat. It's an RUS. It sounds like I human being is charging around up there. 

My companion is Sister Lisaca. She is 25 and has kind of an interesting story. She is actually my batch (meaning she wnt to th MTC at the same time.) But she was assignd in Tacloban for 2 months and got sick and went home. Then she served in Bacolod short term because of Yolanda. And now she is assigned here. I'm still training since she is batch of my anak. She is my ampon. She is super nice and she is basically alrady traind. I am excitd to have her as my companion! Oh, and she's finally going to teach m to cook!

So this week was a little rough with the surprise attack and heartbreak, so I watched this.

 I think you should watch it too. Have a fabulous week! Mahal na mahal na mahal ko kayo! 

XOXO, Sister Brown

New house

Hanging bamboo bridge
Sis Lisaca
JR, Oliver, Nico, Sis Seastrand, Baby, Ako

Don't see this everyday...
Mateo and Eva

District 3
Sis Hingano, my favorite missionary!
Anak ko
San Jose last Sunday

Nico, JR, Johnathon

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